10 Chilling Facts About Serial Killer Albert Fish

9. Raw Meat

In 1898, Fish’s mother arranged a marriage between him and Anna Mary Hoffman, a young lady nine years his junior. During their 19 years of married life, they had six children together. Then Hoffman left Fish for another man.

It was this rejection and betrayal that seemingly triggered a much darker side in Fish. He began to self-harm and developed a taste for raw meat. Bloody meals were just the start as he later turned to cannibalism to feed his thirst for gore.

In interviews with the police, Fish confessed, “I made a stew out of (a victim’s) ears—nose—pieces of his face and belly. I put onions, carrots, turnips, celery, salt, and pepper. It was good.”

Then he added, “In about two hours, it was nice and brown, cooked through. I never ate any roast turkey that tasted half as good.” This chilling account is why he is still known as the “real-life Hannibal Lecter.”

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