10 Chilling Facts About Serial Killer Albert Fish

6. Torture Of Thomas Kedden

In 1910, when Fish was still married to Anna Mary Hoffman, he met a 19-year-old man named Thomas Kedden. In later confessions, Fish revealed that Kedden was not mentally strong or very bright. Fish took advantage of these vulnerabilities and entered into a sadomasochistic relationship with the teenager.

Fish took Kedden to an old farmhouse and tortured the boy over two consecutive weeks—tying him up and cutting off his penis. In his own chilling account, Fish recalled, “I shall never forget his scream or the look he gave me.”

Fish had every intention of killing Kedden and dismembering the body. However, the weather was too hot and he feared that he would get caught due to the smell. So, Fish used peroxide on the wound and left Kedden with nothing more than a $10 bill and a mutilated manhood. Fish added, “Took the first train I could get back home. Never heard what become of him or tried to find out.”

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