10 Chilling Facts About Serial Killer Albert Fish

5. Murder Of Francis McDonnell

On July 14, 1924, the parents of eight-year-old Francis McDonnell reported him missing. The young boy was last seen playing catch with friends near Staten Island who told the police that he had walked off with a man who had a gray mustache.

After hearing the description of the man, McDonnell’s mother revealed that she had seen him earlier. She said, “He came shuffling down the street mumbling to himself and making queer motions with his hands. I saw his thick gray hair and his drooping gray mustache. Everything about him seemed faded and gray.”

Following a search for Francis McDonnell, his body was found hanging from a tree. He had been assaulted and strangled with his suspenders. His left leg was stripped of its flesh. Fish later confessed that he had killed the boy with the intention to castrate him. But someone had appeared close by and he ran away.

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