10 Crazy Drugs That Could Be Growing In Your Garden

1. Devil’s Breath

If the name doesn’t put you off enough, the story will. Otherwise known as scopolamine, this drug is extracted from the flower of the Borrachero shrub (Brugmansia aurea), grown most commonly in South America. It isn’t used for fun but instead is used on the streets, blown into faces of unsuspecting tourists or given on a soaked business card to incapacitate and hypnotize a person into nothing more than a lifeless robot that’ll follow every command and forget it all afterward.

Devil’s breath has been blamed for thousands of crimes in South America. It leads to a total lack of free will as well as amnesia, leaving victims in a zombie-like state, vulnerable to any suggestion. There have been reports of victims pulling triggers on people just because the person who drugged them suggested to do so.

There are reports of it being used by Nazis during interrogations as a truth serum and similar nightshade family-derived drugs being by witches in the Middle Ages. This is not a drug you want to stumble across on a morning ramble.

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