10 Crazy Drugs That Could Be Growing In Your Garden

8. Shrooms

Most people have heard of “shrooms,” aka psilocybin mushrooms, loved by 1970s hippies and bored teenagers alike, but most people don’t know the truth about these fungi. Evidence suggests that humans have been using hallucinogenic mushrooms for over 7,000 years, with the practice being deeply associated with religious ceremony.

The first reliable Western account of shrooms was when four children were accidentally fed them in 1799. They probably never complained about their parents’ cooking again.

A shroom trip is often called a state of a waking dream, as the neurological state shifts to that of dreaming. The mushrooms are reported to bring a deep sense of calm, peacefulness, and self-acceptance. Peace to the world, dude.

However, one story of a man and his mushroom pizza is probably enough to put you off any fungal fetishes you may have: After eating a pizza full of shrooms in Vang Vieng, Laos, to live out his strange backpacking dreams, this unknowing traveler ended up locked in a hut for six hours, screaming, believing he was a dead body surrounded by crickets.

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