10 Most Horrifying Things Ever Discovered In Fast Food

Fast food is such a convenience sometimes. Not only does it fill your belly but it also makes you feel happy. The crisp bite of a french fry, the delightful taste of fresh meat, and the oozing goodness of melted cheese. It’s enough to drive you crazy.

Occasionally, a customer knowingly plants something in his food to score a free meal or a cash settlement. If the fast-food chain catches on to a customer’s scam, it can have devastating consequences for the makeshift con artist.

Yet, in some instances, the customer isn’t the problem. Imagine finding a hair in your fried chicken wings. That wouldn’t be nearly as bad as finding a whole chicken head, fried to a crisp and perfectly intact.

Food contamination occurs more frequently than we’d like to believe. It can pose a health risk and seriously damage a fast-food chain’s image. Sometimes, these incidents happen due to the incompetency of the restaurant staff. Other times, the problem occurs at the fast-food chain’s manufacturing plants.

Either way, here are 10 of the most horrifying things ever discovered in fast food.

Warning: Some of these stories are gross. Don’t read while eating.

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