10 Strange And Mysterious Men

8. Raymond Lee Harvey

3- carter
On May 5, 1979, a man named Raymond Lee Harvey was arrested by the Secret Service for concealing a loaded starter gun only 10 minutes before President Jimmy Carter was set to give a speech in Los Angeles. Harvey was arrested only 15.2 meters (50 ft) from where Carter was going to talk. After being interrogated by the police, Harvey admitted to being part of a four-man plot to kill the president. His role in the attack was to shoot into the air, while another assassin killed Carter. Harvey conspired with a 21-year-old named Osvaldo Espinoza Ortiz, who was arrested by the police. Ortiz admitted to being with Harvey, but denied a plot to kill the president.

Raymond Lee Harvey had a history of mental illness. His story was initially thought to be fabricated, however, after investigators found corroborative testimony, the claims were taken seriously. The assassination attempt was reported by the mainstream media, but then quickly disappeared. Many of the details surrounding Raymond Lee Harvey remain a mystery. After a series of revelations, Harvey and Ortiz were held on bond, but the charges were eventually dropped.

As you would expect, people have connected the fact that the potential assassin was named Raymond Lee Harvey and his conspirator was Osvaldo Ortiz. In Spanish, Osvaldo is the equivalent to Oswald, which makes the pair “Lee Harvey Oswald.” The coincidence has spawned a series of conspiracy theories that say the assassination attempt was fabricated in order to scare the Carter administration.

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