10 Strange And Mysterious Men

6. Lawrence E. King Jr.

The girl - teenager
Lawrence E. King Jr. is the man who was at the center of the child sex ring allegations involving the Omaha, Nebraska, branch of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union (FCFCU) that emerged in the late 1980s. Despite the high-profile case, little information has been published on King’s activities. In 1988, Lawrence King was an active Republican politician that managed the FCFCU, which was a credit union used to help the poor. After several tips, it began to emerge that $38 million was missing from the organization’s funds, which spawned an investigation that found evidence of physical and sexual child abuse.

The sources of the reports were initially deemed credible, and information emerged that young boys and girls from foster homes were being transported around the country by plane in order to provide sexual favors for rich people. A large number of victims came forward and said that they were sexually molested. The reports were examined by the Executive Board of the Nebraska Legislature, and many cases of sexual abuse were recorded. It was speculated that the abuse was performed by prominent political figures in the Republican Party.

The allegations were investigated by two different grand juries, who found the information to be a “carefully crafted hoax.” Many people were shocked by the decision; they thought the accusations were “scripted by a person or persons with considerable knowledge of the people and institutions of Omaha.” After the decision, a Nebraska Senator called the grand jury release “a strange document.” The second grand jury also found the material unsubstantiated and sentenced an alleged victim, Alisha Owen, to 9-15 years in prison for perjury. Eventually, Lawrence King was convicted of embezzling over $38 million and served 10 years in prison. The scandal produced a large number of conspiracy theories that include tales of devil worship, political sex parties, cannibalism, CIA gun smuggling, and the first Bush administration.

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