10 Strange And Mysterious Men

4. Walter Haut

7- ufo
In the summer of 1947, Walter Haut worked as a public information officer for the U.S. 509th Bomb Group in Roswell, New Mexico. On July 8, 1947, he was ordered to issue a press release announcing that the U.S. Army had recovered a “flying disc” in the desert. The statement was given, but immediately retracted by the U.S. military. Haut was told to promote the idea that the debris was nothing more than a high-altitude weather balloon. The explanation caused criticism by the national media and spawned the Roswell UFO conspiracy theory.

In regards to the initial press release, Haut said: “When that hit the news wires, the world came to an end, as far as I was concerned. My phone rang and rang and rang.” For the remainder of his career, Haut worked for the U.S. government. He claimed to know nothing about the wreckage and that he had simply provided a mistaken press release. However, in the early 1990s, after he retired, Haut changed the story. In 1997, he said: “I think it was an extremely well-planned cover-up.” For the last 15 years of his life, Haut proclaimed that he had witnessed an alien craft and bodies in Roswell.

In 2002, Haut signed an affidavit that described his experience with aliens, including details about the UFOs and extraterrestrial bodies. He claimed to have witnessed an egg-shaped craft and several dead aliens with elongated heads. In 2007, after the death of Haut, the information was published in the book Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the 60 Year Cover-Up. It has been suggested that Haut remained silent about the true events in Roswell out of respect for his friend Colonel William Blanchard. The reliability of the affidavit remains questionable.

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