10 Strange And Mysterious Men

3. Alexander Solonik

man with the Kalashnikov gun
In 1960, Alexander Solonik was born in Kurgan, Russia. In the late 1980s, he was arrested for rape and sent to prison. In jail, he became targeted for death due to his association with the police. However, Solonik fought off multiple attacks and earned the respect of his fellow inmates. After escaping from prison in April 1990, Solonik became one of the most infamous Russian assassins in history. He murdered a large number of organized crime figures and gained the nicknames “Alexander the Great” and “Superkiller.”

The exact number of people Solonik murdered is a mystery, along with much of the details surrounding his life. In the early 1990s, he gained a reputation for being a lethal contract killer who had the ability to shoot ambidextrously. Solonik confessed to killing a large number of criminals, including Viktor Nikiforov, Valery Dlugach, Vladislav Vinner, and Andrey Rura. In 1994, he was arrested at Moscow’s Petrovsky marketplace. He was taken to Detention Center 1 in Moscow, but eventually escaped.

Solonik fled to Greece and set up a criminal organization in the area. He purchased a large amount of real estate in Athens and was placed on Russia’s Top 10 Most Wanted list. In 1997, a Greek newspaper reported that a Russian mafia boss had been found dead 15 miles from Athens. The man had been strangled to death and it was concluded that the corpse was Alexander Solonik, despite the fact that his fingerprints in the Interpol database were not accurate. The Greek authorities insisted that the body was not Solonik. However, he was officially declared dead. He’s never been heard from since, and the true influence of Solonik’s criminal network during the mid-1990s remains unknown.

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