10 Super Secret Facts About The Ken And Barbie Killers

8. Jane Doe, The Wedding Present

Despite their upcoming nuptials, Bernardo and Homolka had begun to drift apart. On a bachelor trip to Florida, Bernardo had fallen for a nurse by the name of Alison Worthington, a self-proclaimed lover of anal sex. She appealed to Bernardo’s sexual sadism in ways that Karla could not. Bernardo even had his fiancee pretend to be his sister when Worthington called their shared home.

Homolka knew she had to act quickly to save her relationship. She befriended a teenager only identified as Jane Doe. In June 1991, Homolka invited Jane on a “girls’ night out.” The pair went shopping together before returning to Homolka and Bernardo’s house. It was here that Jane was offered alcohol laced with sedatives. Shortly after Jane lost consciousness, Homolka called Bernardo home with the promise of a surprise wedding present. Delighted with the surprise, Bernardo filmed the pair raping the unconscious teenager.

Jane Doe remained unaware of the assault. She became a close friend to the couple, even accompanying them on a trip to Toronto. On one occasion, Jane was invited back to Homolka and Bernardo’s place. She was drugged once more, with Halcion and halothane. In a chilling echo of Tammy’s death, Jane began to choke. Homolka dialed 911 as Bernardo successfully revived Jane. The ambulance was cancelled, and the call was never followed up on. Homolka’s twisted gift rekindled the relationship; Bernardo cut ties with Worthington, going on to marry Karla later in 1991. Jane Doe was reportedly a guest at the ceremony.

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