10 Super Secret Facts About The Ken And Barbie Killers

6. Kristen French Deliberately Left Behind Clues

Kristen French was the final victim in the infamous Schoolgirl Murders. She was kidnapped in a parking lot after being approached by Homolka, who was posing as a tourist in need of directions. Bernardo approached from behind and forced the 15-year-old into the couple’s car. By this point, Bernardo and Homolka had become brazen in their operation: Kristen was approached in broad daylight, and her abduction was witnessed by several people. Unfortunately, the vehicle used in her abduction was wrongly identified by witnesses.

Despite this, Kristen fought hard to leave a trail of clues in her wake. Her shoe was found at the scene of the abduction, along with a portion of a Toronto road map. The torn-off section of the map was later forensically tested, and many believe that Kristen left it behind in the struggle. Prosecutors commended French for her apparent bravery during her captivity, quoting the girl as having claimed that “some things are worth dying for”—much to the frustration of Bernardo. Kristen French was found dead on April 30, 1992, not far from the burial site of Leslie Mahaffy.

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