10 Super Secret Facts About The Ken And Barbie Killers

5. Bernardo Was A Failed Rap Artist

Bernardo harbored a surprising passion for music. He was particularly fond of rap, and many former friends describe him as quoting artist Vanilla Ice. Bernardo didn’t just consider himself a fan; he had aspirations of pursuing a music career, going so far as to purchase recording equipment with money he made smuggling tobacco across the US border. Bernardo indulged in grandiose fantasies, often assuring his friends that famous artists were interested in sponsorship deals.

His lyrics were a disturbing insight into his crimes, spurred on by Homolka. She often bragged to friends about Bernardo’s upcoming albums. Bernardo even took his final victim into his “music room” to show her his latest tracks—though Homolka would later testify that Kirsten French “just didn’t care.”

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