10 Terrifying Facts About The Man From The Train

How can you quantify or qualify serial killers? They are all horrible. They are all awful. They are all worthy of scorn. However, some are upheld as worse than others. Ted Bundy, the charismatic and handsome necrophile, is the archetype of the charming sociopath who managed to convince family and friends that he was completely “normal.” Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who may have killed as many as 650 people,[1] is the quintessential noble killer—a pampered slaughterer of the Early Modern Period who was only caught because she killed a fellow aristocrat.

Oddly enough, the man possibly responsible for killing over 100 individuals is almost totally unknown. This killer, who struck again and again in the United States and Canada between 1897 and 1912 (he may have killed as late as 1922), is known simply as “the Man from the Train.” First outed by writers Bill James and Rachel McCarthy James in their book The Man from the Train, the blood trail of this serial killer is astounding. That blood trail will be dissected in this list.

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