10 Terrifying Facts About The Man From The Train

9. The Alabama Murders

One of the key points of the book The Man from the Train is the theory that the serial killer worked as a lumberjack. As a result, the murderer frequently took seasonal logging jobs. That is why ax murders occurred in the lumbering communities of Oregon, Washington, Texas, Maine, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida. In 1906, the Man from the Train struck in Alabama.

Sometime during the night between February 7 and 8, 1906, the entire Christmas family was murdered inside their home. In total, three people were killed, including 61-year-old Confederate Army veteran Jeremy Christmas. According to the James authors, the Cottonwood murders, of which not too much is known, are connected with other aspects of the larger pattern of the Man from the Train’s crimes. Notably, the mysterious serial killer liked to kill close to or on state lines. The state lines of Florida-Alabama and Florida-Georgia were some of his favorite hunting grounds.

Similarly, the crime in Cottonwood is important because it conformed to the Man from the Train’s modus operandi of attacking homes located near the first train stop past a state line.[3]

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