10 Terrifying Facts About The Man From The Train

4. The Ackerman Family Murders

Arguably the worst crime committed by the Man from the Train occurred in the small hamlet of Milton, Florida, in 1906. On May 26, 1906, The Times and Democrat of Orangeburg, South Carolina, reported that all nine members of the Ackerman family were murdered with an ax. The victims included the father, Reverend Ackerman, his wife, and seven children, who were all butchered in their secluded home.[8]

If this crime was committed by the Man from the Train, then it was the deadliest attack of his entire killing spree. According to author Bill James, the evisceration of the Ackerman family occurred just two months before the murder of the Lyerly family in North Carolina. James believes that the Man from the Train murdered the Lyerlys after catching a northbound train from Barber Junction, a train stop in the Florida panhandle near Milton.

Although nine people were killed in total, not too much is known about the murder of the Ackerman family.

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