10 Worldwide Insect Delicacies

Expanding one’s palate has been a fad which has never aged. Chefs are always looking for new ways to spice up old dishes, as well as various techniques to utilize in making something that seems bland-tasting sublime. Meat is often a staple, and it’s a good source of protein. However, for some countries, meat isn’t the only protein option. In fact, for some countries, while meat may be the centerpiece of meals, another source of protein is more versatile—and more commonly available. That protein? Insects.

In many countries, eating insects is normal. In fact, history has shown that insects were a popular source of food even back in the times of the Romans and Greeks. A recent study has shown that over two billion people across the world eat insects. It’s not uncommon for people in South America, Europe, and Asia to not only eat insects but grow them for that purpose alone. Also, 100 percent of an insect is edible, compared to only 40 percent of a cow.

Insects can be served a variety of different ways, from snacks to main courses to even desserts.


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