Do You Know About These AI Robots Which Will Replace Humans Very Soon?

10. BEAR


While robots have the ability to make our lives easier, they also have the ability to make our lives much safer. A robot developed by Vecna Technologies, known as the Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot (BEAR), is being used as a rescue android in dangerous situations. Its capabilities include being able to carry heavy objects over long and rough distances (including stairs), surprising dexterity and balance, and explosion- and fire-resistant treads and batteries. BEAR can be easily controlled by a remote or glove and could be used to enter dangerous situations and rescue injured soldiers without risking anyone else’s life. BEAR’s massive steel frame is controlled by hydraulics capable of lifting up to 236 kilograms (520 lbs) and it can sense its environment through infrared, night vision, and optical cameras.

Plus, while BEAR definitely has the ability to do heavy lifting, it also has the dexterity to hold something as delicate as an egg without breaking it. It can balance perfectly while carrying heavy objects that would usually topple other robots of its kind. BEAR has come a long way since its original designs, and now has the ability to obey higher-level commands from its operators. It’s even fitted with a friendly humanoid face to put the wounded at ease. Developers are excited to continue improving BEAR’s capabilities to help save citizens and soldiers alike in dangerous situations.

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