Whoa! Do You Know These Fruit, Nuts & Vegetables Are Man Made?

8. Peanut

The modern peanut is a hybrid of two older types of peanuts, the Arachis ipaensisand the Arachis duranensis. The Arachis duranensis grows in the Andean valleys between Bolivia and Argentina, while the Arachis ipaensis grows inside Bolivia.

Both plants were so far apart that they couldn’t have crossbred naturally. Researchers discovered that the earliest settlers in South America took the Arachis duranensis from the Andean valleys as they migrated into today’s Bolivia 10,000 years ago.

However, the settlers did not quickly realize the potential of their new crop and it was the bees that actually cross-pollinated both peanuts. The result was a new peanut that is the ancestor of today’s peanuts.

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