10 Absolutely Bizarre Books And Their Histories

Throughout recorded history, from the first assembling of glyphs and letters to modern-day philosophical treatises, humans have used writing to express their thoughts on life, themselves, the world around them, and what they truly believe. With this in mind, books can be simple, easy, and digestible for the average reader, readily available to anyone at the nearest bookshop, while others are more obscure in both content and history.

Some books are large, complex treatises that are almost indecipherable, hinting at the mysterious worlds that once lived inside of the minds of their authors. What were their real intentions? What were they trying to tell us or express? Some works of literature are far outside of the realm of what is considered accessible, yet all of our modern-day analyses point to them being legitimate works with intention. Some have mysterious origins, while others are contemporary with an unusual message. Since the dawn of literature, humanity has amassed many such works that aren’t your usual teen novel. Here are ten bizarre and strange books that you won’t believe actually exist.

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