10 Absolutely Bizarre Books And Their Histories

1. Might Is Right

Might Is Right or The Survival of the Fittest is a bizarre work written under the pseudonym Ragnar Redbeard, though nobody knows its author’s true name. The definition of the phrase “might is right” is listed in the Oxford English Dictionaryas being that the powerful can do whatever they want unchallenged, even if what they want is totally unjust.

This weird, bizarre, deeply unethical, and disturbing book was first published in 1890. During the modest Victorian culture of England, it’s no surprise that this work, which challenges all of our long-held cultural values (pretty much all of them, actually), had to be published anonymously, as the author might have been jailed or killed simply for its dark and disturbing content. Might Is Right is on many lists of banned books, and while it can be found online, even most publishers today refuse to carry it because of its cold, uncaring, psychopathic nature, which espouses egoism, anarchy, and strength, even if they need to come at the expensive any sort of social ethics.

A work of complete social Darwinism, Might Is Right rejects any and all ethics, including natural, human, and civil rights or any rights at all that aren’t founded in power and might. According to the book, might is the only thing that can establish a right in this world. Your rights don’t exist unless you have the physical power to back them up in a fight. The obvious shock and awe of this message has been frowned upon almost as much as Machiavelli’s famous work The Prince, and it reads much like The Prince—only much more twisted and depraved. Whether you’re a book collector or someone who just fancies historical nostalgia and bizarre ideas, Might Is Right is definitely within the top few most extreme books to ever exist. Content-wise, there are simply few, if any challengers

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