10 Absolutely Bizarre Books And Their Histories

7. The Satanic Scriptures

While also not covered in the obscurity of time or illegibility, The Satanic Scriptures, written by Peter Gilmore, the high priest of the Church of Satan, is a collection of essays, ideas, and social commentaries which have been largely overshadowed by The Satanic Bible, the work of Anton LaVey, the official founder of the church. In it, Gilmore discusses topics like how Satanists should marry as well as his opinions on gay marriage versus what he considers antiquated familial structures and provides a lot of insight into Satanic ceremonies. The work largely follows in content with the rest of the Satanic Principles, often espousing immorality as a doctrine for life as well as radical individualism. The Church of Satan has always been met with some shock by most people, and its less popular work which shows the inner workings of the thought process of the church is a guaranteed to be of interest to anyone with unorthodox tastes and a fascination with Satanism.

Gilmore likens people to black holes, some drawing others into their sphere of influence, powerful and moving on an individualist course, while others are parasitic in nature and attach to their hosts like a fetus in fetu, a fetus fused into the body of its twin before birth, reducing many individuals to nothing more than a pathetic collection of cells determined to spend their lives bottom-feeding off the powerful. Many of its chapters are available for free online via the Church of Satan for a glimpse into the dark and hedonistic world of the mind of High Priest Peter H. Gilmore.

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