10 Awesome Fan Theories About Extremely Popular Series

5. Once Upon A Time

This series has had its ups and downs over the course of its seven seasons. Some fans gave up, while others remain loyal to see if it will get that X-factor back that made it so popular at the beginning. Fairy tales colliding with the real world is a great premise for a series, though, and Once Upon a Time is also no stranger when it comes to fan theories.

Some of these are weirder than others, such as a romance between Ariel and Rumple, rumors that Dr. Who might feature in the series somehow, the belief that Green and Blue will have a epic fight, and the assertion that Emma is actually insane.

A very recent fan theory has it that the latest arrival in Storybrooke will be Moana. This is derived from the fact that Lucy’s mother hasn’t yet been revealed, and a Polynesian mask was hanging on a door during one of the episodes.


4. Black Mirror

Black Mirror as an anthology sci-fi series centering on dark and satirical themes. This show went down very well with audiences worldwide and is currently in its fourth season. One of the theories that surrounds this series ties in with a very popular show that debuted in the 1990s: Friends.

The theory is that Ross from Friends predicted the theme of a Black Mirrorepisode. In the episode, two women start a romance at a sea resort by the name of San Junipero. Later on, the resort is revealed to be a simulated reality where old or deceased people can live on in the form of their younger selves.

In a Friends episode, Ross tells Chandler about a book he’s reading in which it stated that by 2030, computers will be as functional as the human brain, and people will be able to download their memories and thoughts into a computer and live forever that way. This is said to be very similar to the aforementioned episode of Black Mirror.


3. American Horror Story

Much like The LibrariansAmerican Horror Story isn’t for everyone, but the show also has a massive following. Featuring all sorts of ghouls and creepy stories each season, this series is perfect for horror fanatics. And, obviously, fan theories are plentiful.

Fans believe that later seasons of the show contain many references and story lines that mirror earlier seasons. Then they theorized that this trend will continue as a major crossover event in Season 8. The crossover would be between the Murder House characters and the Coven characters. The creator of the show, Ryan Murphy, has since revealed that he is planning this, so in this case, a fan theory became a reality.


2. Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones is likely the most watched show on this list. It also very likely has the most fan theories on the Internet. These include theories about mysterious notes and incest, among others.

One of the most epic theories is that Game of Thrones is an analogy for climate change. Much like how in the show, humans are out to get each other while the world crumbles around them, humans in real life do the same while climate change runs rampant.

Also, the story of GoT goes under the “banner” of A Song of Ice and Fire. In the show, the ice is represented by the White Walkers and the fire by the dragons. The wildfire started by Cersei Lannister is also used as evidence for this theory—one that goes into a lot more detail, hoping to convince fans of its validity.


1. 13 Reasons Why

This Netflix hit stirred up a lot of controversy over its depiction of rape and suicide. That didn’t stop hordes of fans from binging the show and also coming up with far-out theories about its characters.

Theories include that Alex attempted suicide but will survive, that Alex is hiding the fact that he’s gay from his father, that Alex wasn’t the one in the ambulance, an alternate ending in Season 2, and so on.

The craziest theory, however, has nothing to do with Alex or alternate endings. Instead, there is a rumor that the ever-helpful Tony Padilla is a ghost. Despite being debunked by the actor who plays Tony, the theory is still gaining traction. Fans are convinced that Tony is either a figment of Clay’s imagination or dead and talking to Clay from the other side.

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