10 Times President Trump Has Trolled The Media

Since his early days as an upstart real estate developer in Manhattan, Donald Trump has had a knack for attracting and keeping the attention of the media. Many tout this seemingly innate ability as one of the key factors of his success. Where others would see shame and scandal, Trump sees opportunity.

From the very beginning of his presidential campaign, it was obvious that the media didn’t want to cover Trump and his antics. But they just couldn’t help themselves. His knack for apropos nicknames like “Lying Ted,” “Low-Energy Jeb,” and “Crooked Hillary” may have earned him the seething hatred of his enemies, but media outlets lapped up these jabs with eagerness. In fact, they all but invited Trump to push the envelope even further.

Throughout the 2016 election, the mainstream media tried to laugh off Trump like he was a bad dream. He’ll never be president, they said. He’s running as a joke, they scoffed. America knows better, they assured. But their aloofness quickly soured to cold malice as soon as they realized that this master of insult had become the Mocker in Chief.

Ever since, the mainstream media and their backers have lobbed scandal after scandal at President Trump, hoping to score devastating hits. But this “stable genius” has taken it all in stride and has hit back unabatedly, seeming to relish all the attention. Here are some of the best examples of the world’s biggest troll hard at work during and after the historic campaign.

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