9 scenes in Game of Thrones premiere were exact replicas of series’ first episode. Could you spot them all?

The first episode of the eighth and final season of the popular TV show Game of Thrones aired on Monday, bringing back memories of the seasons that went by. Viewers drew parallels between several scenes from the new episode and were amazed to pick up hints that were dropped by the makers in the first season. 

Millions of fans worldwide joined the dots to discover the prominent instances shown in the first episode which were repeated in the latest episode. Here are some of them that will leave you in awe: 

S1E1: Ned Stark tells Jon Snow as they part ways outside Winterfell. “Next time we see each other, we’ll talk about your mother,” Ned tells Jon. 

S8E1: While Ned Stark is now dead, Samwell Tarly tells Jon about his mother in front of Ned’s statue in the crypt of Winterfell. 

S1E1: Young Bran was seen climbing a tower to catch a glimpse of a King (Robert Baratheon) arriving in Winterfell. 

S8E1: A young boy is seen climbing a tree to watch a Queen (Daenerys) arriving in Winterfell.

Ned Stark welcomes Cersei and Robert in Winterfell. 

Queen Daenerys and Jon Snow arrive i n Winterfell. 

S1E1: Arya joins the crowd to watch the king and queen arrive.

S8E1: Arya joins the crowd to watch the King in the North and Queen Daenerys arrive.

Arya Stark watches the King and the Queen in season 1 and watches Jon and Daenerys arrive in season 8. 

S1E1: A King and a Queen (Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister) come to Winterfell to meet the Starks (Ned Stark and his family).

S8E1: A Queen and a King (Daenerys and Jon Snow) come to Winterfell and meet the Starks (Sansa Stark, Arya Stark and Bran Stark).

S1E1: Ned and Robert (best friends) talk in the crypt about Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.

S8E1: Jon and Samwell Tarly (best friends) talk in the crypt about Lyanna and Rhaegar.

Ned and Robert in the crypt (above) and Jon and Sam in the crypt (below). 

S1E1: Starks welcomed Cersei and Robert , Ned said ‘Your Grace, Winterfell is yours.”

S8E1: Starks welcomed Jon and Daenerys and Sansa said ‘Winterfell is yours, Your Grace.’

Ned Stark and Catelyn Stark in season 1 episode 1 and Jon meets Arya in season 8 episode 1 near the weirwood tree of the Godswood of Winterfell.

S1E1: Ned is at the Weirwood tree of the Godswood of Winterfell meeting a Stark lady (Catelyn Stark).

S8E1: Jon is near the Weirwood tree of the Godswood of Winterfell meeting a Stark lady (Arya).

S1E1: White Walkers made a creepy mandala made out of the Wildlings’ body parts after an attack. 

S8E1: Young Lord Umber was pinned to a wall at the centre of the same mandala made out of severed body parts.

The symbols left by White Walkers after their attack on Winterfell. 

S1E1: Ends with Bran and Jaime when the latter pushes the former off a tower. 

S8E1: Ends with Bran and Jaime.

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