The MOST Impressive Fortnite Records


Fortnite is nothing short of a phenomenon. The battle royale game has taken the world by storm just months after it arrived on the scene as a competitor to the seemingly untouchable PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and since then it has evolved into something the industry simply has never seen before. The game’s innovative and creative mechanics, tongue-in-cheek graphics and taunts, and sheer watchability has created a perfect storm that has since coalesced into gaming’s One Great Juggernaut.

When a game that is, at its core, about competition gets popular, we inevitably see the development of some pretty cool record-keeping alongside it. Fortnite is no exception, and in its short lifespan it has accumulated some truly shocking records, both for in-game action and real-world impact. Whether it’s the number of people tuning in to watch someone survive Anarchy Acres or it’s a gunshot heard ’round the world, Fortnite just can’t stop setting the bar. Here’s our compilation of the most impressive records in Fortnite.

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