Top 10 Real-Life Counterparts To Game Of Thrones Characters

Everyone knows or at least has heard of Game of Thrones by now. We all have our favorite characters and stories, some of which seem so real and others so far-fetched that there is no way they could be true.

But guess what? A lot of them are true.

Are you that one person who says, “What is Game of Thrones?” Then we encourage you to break out your inner child and watch this show full of fairy-tale princes and princesses and all the happy endings that come with it.

10. Perkeo And Tyrion Lannister

Everyone’s favorite Game of Thrones (GoT) character, Tyrion Lannister, has the healthiest dose of wit in the show, matched only by his love of wine. “I drink and I know things. That’s what I do,” said Tyrion, giving the most succinct description of himself.

The real-life Tyrion was much more fortunate to be born in a time of peace. Instead of fighting enemies of the king, he entertained the king as a court jester of Heidelberg. While this may not seem much like Tyrion, Perkeo was given another court job right up Tyrion’s alley. Perkeo was made master of the Tun, essentially putting him in charge of all the wine.

This was Perkeo’s dream job as he was said to drink nothing but wine, except for a single glass of water that supposedly killed him. Aside from anecdotal stories that sound like Tyrion fan fiction, Perkeo also indirectly shared a namesake with Tyrion: The part of Italy from which Perkeo came was South Tyrol.


9. Queen Isabeau And Cersei Lannister

Queen Isabeau and Cersei Lannister shared many things. Both became queens regent when their husbands were unable to rule. Neither was all that well-liked by the people they governed, and most of all, these women had extramarital relationships.

Everyone knows how lovable Cersei Lannister is in GoT . . . well, at least to one man, her loving brother Jaime Lannister. Some might say their love goes way too far, and let’s be honest, it does.

While this was a well-kept secret until the events in GoT kicked off, the real-life Queen Isabeau was not able to keep her actions hidden so well. In fact, she had a reputation for promiscuity, primarily with her brother-in-law. Maybe it wasn’t quite the incestuous problem the Lannisters had. But as we shall see, it led to a similar problem for Isabeau and Louis d’Orleans.

8. Louis d’Orleans And Jaime Lannister

Louis d’Orleans has his own contribution to GoT‘s real-life history. Not only did he have a propensity for sleeping with the queen, he also had his hand cut off. Although he wasn’t the twin brother of the queen, their relationship was still scandalous.

It was even used as a reason for someone outside the royal family to try to take the throne. Charles VII was rumored to be the love child of d’Orleans and Isabeau and not a true heir of Charles VI. This would disqualify Charles VII from taking the throne.


7. Sigurd The Mighty And Khal Drogo

There is a lot to love about Khal Drogo—manly to a fault, certified badass on the battlefield, lover of horses, and that awesome hair. He leads a warrior people, and that same awesome hair means that he’s never lost a battle.

It could be argued that Drogo’s real-life counterpart is Genghis Khan or even Miyamoto Musashi, who literally won his first duel against a fully trained, fully grown, fully armed soldier while just a boy of 12 who was armed with a stick. But the defining feature of the late Drogo is his death.

In case you haven’t seen GoT, the great and mighty Drogo dies of a boo-boo. A small nick from a man Drogo kills gets infected. Enter Sigurd the Mighty, the unfortunate mirror of this odd death. Although Drogo’s infection was from a small chest scrape, Sigurd the Mighty may have had a slightly odder death.

After defeating his enemy in battle and chopping off his head, Sigurd decided to take the trophy home. Saddled up in his horse, Sigurd scraped his leg on the dead man’s tooth and it was all over. The infection festered and killed the mighty Kha . . . uh, Sigurd.


6. Joan Of Arc And Brienne Of Tarth

At first glance, it’s fairly easy to draw comparisons between Joan of Arc and Brienne of Tarth. Physically, the only thing strikingly different between the two is size. Although Brienne stands quite tall and Joan of Arc was estimated to be only 157 centimeters (5’2″), they do don similar attire.

Joan of Arc was known to wear men’s clothing and armor. She also cut her hair short and had the similar distaste for drunkenness, womanizing, and swearing that Brienne displays. Either by choice or circumstance, both women are also virgins, which earned both the nickname of “The Maid.”

Now that the High Sparrow has come to an end, though, it seems unlikely that Brienne will meet with the same religiously inspired end as Joan.

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