10 Strange Collaborations In Music

When we think of collaborations in music, it is easy to point to those with legendary status like David Bowie and Freddie Mercury with “Under Pressure.” But ebbing in the annals of music are a few of the most unexpected joint efforts, which sometimes provide a surprising delight or are otherwise quickly swept under the carpet.

Musical collaborations can bring the most disparate of artists together to create something altogether new. They invite contemporary artists to work with legends, allow two genres to meet, or simply bewilder us.


10. Bob Dylan And Michael Bolton

Rather surprisingly, the track “Steel Bars” from Michael Bolton’s 1991 album Time, Love and Tenderness was cowritten by Bob Dylan and Michael Bolton. Even more astounding is that Dylan instigated the collaboration. A bashful Bolton received a phone call from a member of Dylan’s entourage explaining his wish to work with Bolton. Within a couple of recording sessions, “Steel Bars” was born.

In typical Michael Bolton fashion, “Steel Bars” is a power ballad of the highest degree. Based on the music alone, you would not know that Dylan was anywhere near it. Of course, the track is a love song.

It seemingly warmed the heart of Bob Dylan toward Michael Bolton. After the songwriting session had finished, Bolton was told: “Bob likes you, and he wants you to come back.” However, for better or worse, the two have not collaborated on a song since then.

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